The Basics


The Superfood Sanctuary is a fledgling effort near San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico,  striving to create a ‘living exhibition’ of an array of nutrient-dense, healing and useful species.  This Sanctuary will become a site for education and free seed dissemination, a genetic bank for our region and place to explore the relationships between, people, animals and tropical species.

In this preliminary stage of acquiring seed and propagating extraordinary plants, we invite you to check in with this blog to track our progress.


4 responses to “The Basics

  1. Hey Emily, Brandon and Rhus!

    I believe in sychronicity and magic. Meeting you yesterday…on the Equinox, a time of seeding the next “season”, in combination with a discussion with Jess, Alyssa, Fred and I about want we really want to see on the land and in particular, in caretakers for the land…and then seeing your adopt a tree video…I was raising my hand!! Over here!!!! We got land!!!! We understand that you are psyched where you are…and, that you haven’t planted or built yet ( so, not fully “rooted” yet, just like your trees). Love it if you would be open to a discussion of what creative possibility might exist at Tierraluz where there is the possibility of you being an owner of some land. We do have one more lot that has been designated for just the right folks should they come along. We could get together and share ideas, dreams, possibilities and see if there might be a match. You game? Email us at or call me at 3221939520. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    In connection..through the roots,

  2. Huey guys very interested to here from u I am all ready growing mornings trees and I would like to touch base and talk about all this I all so have land to posible do a joint venture or something my nextel num….. 3221450842 and my name is Gunter Friessen live in PV

  3. I love you guys and miss you like crazy. This is unbelievable and I and proud and honored to call you family. Lots of love from NYC!

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